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Marbled Horn Coffee Spoon Sale

This is a tiny spoon to inspire. The Marbled Horn Coffee Spoon is not just for stirring your coffee or tea. Like the sister piece, the Marbled Horn Butter Knife, this spoon is lightweight, sturdy, and makes a beautiful serving compliment to a condiments on table or board, or simply to stir your cream and sugar.

This horn utensil is designed in Paris, France by Franco-Vietnamese company L'Indochineur, then handmade in Hanoi, Vietnam. Produced in close partnership with local artisans, these butter knives are made from sustainably sourced natural black and blonde marbled horn, meaning that each piece distinctive and one of a kind. This gorgeous and classic tool pairs practical purpose with luxurious materials - the epitome of functional chic.

Please note that due to the natural and hand-made nature of this product, color and form will vary and a specific color cannot be guaranteed.
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Marbled Horn Coffee Spoon