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Music is the essential backdrop to an intimate gathering. 

We asked our friends who know how to set a vibe to send us their ideal playlists for the Slow Table experience, so we can share them with you. One less thing to prepare.

Preview the songs below and log into your Spotify account to enjoy the full playlists.

Clean Plate Club
by Lauren Puente
Los Angeles, CA

From our favorite yoga teacher and master of movement, these feel good tunes will have you flowing through your evening and ending on an energetic note. 


Buddha Bar I - Dinner
Mixed by Claude Challe (1999)
Paris, FR

The first mix from the French institution that forever changed the way the world's most prominent cities approach the lounge experience.


by Zach Rourke, Easy Street Records
Seattle, WA

Four hours of Latin island vibes. If you can't book that vacation you've been longing for, enjoy this on your rooftop or patio for the next best thing.


Mint Julep
Montauk, NY

Jeweler. Artist. Storyteller. Dog mom. Can be found on the beach in all seasons. This playlist will take you and your guests on a journey through eras and destinations in the comfort of your own home.


Pea Patchin'
Seattle, WA

Budding artist and designer. Colleen's Pea Patchin' playlist delivers French girl vibes, perfect for a picnic on a hot summer day. 


Basey Babes
Seattle, WA

Budding artist and designer. When you want to turn it up a notch... this might just start the dance party you've been craving. Guaranteed cool points.