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Serves up to 6
An excellent box for new gourmet explorers, seafood connoisseurs, and those who want to bring the restaurant experience home. The Super Fancy is packed with incredible ingredients, including ingredients chosen by some of the world's finest Michelin Star restaurants.  From Spain, to The Faroe Islands, and back here to the Pacific Northwest, this box is rich in flavor adventure.  

The Super Fancy includes:

Regalis Siberian Baerii Caviar (Poland) - 1oz 


Platinum Osetra Caviar (Dutch) - 1oz 

Carpier Pinecone Smoked Faroe Islands Salmon, Vodka & beetroot Cured (Faroe Islands) - 5.2oz

Jose Gourmet Smoked Trout (Spain)- 3.7oz

Bellwether Farms Crème Fraiche (California) - 5oz

Papa Michel Brioche Nanterre Loaf (Washington) - 14oz

SAL de IBIZA Potato Chips a la Flor de Sal (Spain) - 4.4oz

Pink Wagon Foods Pickled Pink Onions (Oregon) - 12oz

Amedei Tuscany Crema Toscana Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (Italy) - 7oz

    Wine pairing recommendation: Any dry Champagne is a good choice. Our pick would be a vintage Blanc de Blancs.
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    Why Slow Table?

    We source the highest quality products from around the world and curate pairings to satisfy tastebuds across the full spectrum of cheese, charcuterie, and accoutreerments. Expect to fall in love with new favorites alongside tried and true staples.

    Each box comes with a blueprint and instructions for prep and assembly, as well as the story on each product for when your guests ask, "What kind of cheese is this?" Whether you've been entertaining Slow Table style for years or you've always aspired to, you'll come off as a pro every time, in a fraction of the time that it would take to do it all yourself.

    THE SUPER FANCY - Baerii - 1oz