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Serves 12-15+

Throwing a party for more than ten people does not have to be difficult. A large party can and should be an intimate and rewarding experience for the host and the guests. Start by guaranteeing your own good time - it's contagious. Have everything you need prepared so that you can stop to greet each guest with a smile and a hug. Your elegance will be remembered.

When you purchase a Grand Crew box from Slow Table, not only do you get enough show stopping goodies to feed your crew of 12-15+ people, you get the step-by-step support you need to create an event to remember. Because in a world full of trends you deserve to remain a classic, while at the same time always trying something new.

The show must go on! You can do it. We've got your back.

When you order, we'll send you these tools ahead of time:

  • A host checklist with tips to help you prep and stay cool as a cucumber
  • Blueprint and instructions for prepping and serving food
  • Wine and beverage pairing recommendations
  • Playlist recommendations to set the mood

We recommend placing your order a minimum of five days before your event to take advantage of our planning tools. Reminder - Orders ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Select an available delivery date of your choice using our date picker tool below.
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Why Slow Table?

We source the highest quality products from around the world and curate pairings to satisfy tastebuds across the full spectrum of cheese, charcuterie, and accoutreerments. Expect to fall in love with new favorites alongside tried and true staples.

Each box comes with a blueprint and instructions for prep and assembly, as well as the story on each product for when your guests ask, "What kind of cheese is this?" Whether you've been entertaining Slow Table style for years or you've always aspired to, you'll come off as a pro every time, in a fraction of the time that it would take to do it all yourself.