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On the Art of Food and Starting Slow Table.

On the Art of Food and Starting Slow Table.

At Slow Table, the conversation around food goes beyond need. 

We all have to eat to live, but from our point of view, food is so much more than just sustenance. It's an art.

Food is sensory experience, a celebration of cultural history, tradition and even the land itself. Food is one of those few topics that we can all relate to. It has the power to transcend cultural differences and language barriers, and bring people together. When we share it we connect and open up to one another, even if for just a few moments. Food even has the power to challenge our beliefs. Remember when you finally tried well prepared Brussels sprouts for the first time, and they were actually pretty delicious? No? Maybe when you had them boiled you hated them, but then you tried them roasted and it was a game changer. How food is prepared and paired together can make a world of difference. Exploring new food is fun and friendly way to expand our horizons. We knew that at its core, we wanted Slow Table to encourage the exploration of beautiful food, but more so to encourage connection through sharing those beautiful experiences. 

A simple recipe for connection.

Our lifelong love affair with food has taught us to approach curating our own experiences with care and intention – for ourselves, our guests, and now for Slow Table. We have had the gift of spending the majority of our lives (some thirty years) traveling and eating at tables all over the world, in homes, in restaurants, on beaches and beyond. We learned that an well curated environment, paired with an incredible meal, has the power to not only draw people to your table but keep them lingering longer. It is a special and repeatable formula that leaves a sweet and lasting memory built from those kinds of joyful moments that you wish could go on forever. We decided to pool our collective knowledge and share the tools and lessons we have learned on how to cultivate that certain je ne sais quoi. We consider each of you to be a guest at our virtual dinner table and we are honored to help you create that same experience, wherever life takes you.

A prepared board being presented using the products from The Premier Crew box from Slow Table.

Taking it back to essentials.

We love throwing lavish dinner parties, and have attended and hosted tons of over-the-top festivities for the history books. We love planning menus and guest lists, and building our playlists... That being said, hosting often begs for a less is more approach so that we can just enjoy our guests' company. Cheese and charcuterie boards have long been our classic standby for social gatherings. What better offer to start with than a crowd favorite that gets us out of the kitchen and into our own party. Cheese and charcuterie boards offer something for everyone, can be simple but elegant snacking food for a casual vibe, or elevated to an easy but still glamorous dinner party. There is something for everyone.  It's fun yet elegant.  It makes our job easier as hosts, and we almost always have the essentials on hand, making impromptu get-togethers seem almost anticipated.  Throw in a beautiful scented candle and a nice bottle of vino and you have yourself a lovely evening. With so many amazing products to mix and match with, a board is always an easy choice for a gathering.

Building a brand of substance.

We launched our first Gourmet Grazing Box with all of this top of mind. We wanted to box the experience of taking pride and pleasure in whipping up a beautiful and effortless presentation that you can share with people you love (or people you want to impress).  So, we took our collective decades (and $$$) spent developing our palates and exploring the finer foods of the world, and started putting together a box we would be proud of. The majority of our time designing a new box is spent taste-testing until we find that right fit. Not that we are complaining, but it is the most important factor. It has to be delicious.  It has to be quality. We look for the best items in their category, but forgo anything that is too much fluff.  Each product has to have substance. We want everything that might go on a board to compliment nicely but push the boundaries a little. To challenge us and our guests to explore something new.  We want the food to become a conversation piece and spark a little excitement. 

image of a board that is almost completely gone with an intimate party happening in the background.

When we decided to start Slow Table, we knew instinctively that our approach would be like curating a menu for hosting in our own home. Each product we feature would need to be a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. We knew at the core of it, we wanted everything to inspire, delight, and satisfy that soul craving for a good life.  At the core of it is excellent food served with a side of beautiful ambiance in a home that reflects who we are. That is what Slow Table is all about, in a nutshell.

A commitment to story and sustainability.

When we curated new products for our shop, we are very discerning. As much as quality, flavor, and overall brand fit are important to us, we care deeply about where our products come from and how they are made. Our aim is to always offer the best in any given category, and that means looking at each one holistically. We consider ingredients, farming and production practices, brand story and overall ethos, as well as how many hands it has to pass through to get to us. Not everyone is aware of how the supply chain - how a product gets from producer to consumer - affects the environment and we strive to keep that footprint as small as possible. Supporting sustainable family farms, small producers and eco-minded brands is a top priority at Slow Table. It is equally important to us that we curate with brands that are ethical, safe, and sustainability focused. Historically, the food industry can be an incredibly short-sighted and wasteful space, and we simply choose to participate differently.  As we continue to grow, we are dedicated to remaining mindful of our impact. 

A commitment to growth and learning.

We are committed to life long learning and expansion.  We want to live in a world where an intentional lifestyle can feel luxurious and attainable.  We want to emphasize slowing down and prioritize connecting with what feels the most fulfilling. In a world of instant information, constant innovation and change, we want to stay in-touch with how we can build a more sustainable and joyful life. It is our greatest joy to be able to spend our days seeking out and vetting amazing makers, products and lifestyle concepts to share with you in that pursuit. If we have done our job well, Slow Table will be a name synonymous with trust, love, and classic good taste - so much so that you would happily order a box from us without even knowing what’s in it, trusting it will simply be excellent.  

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